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Sweet Moments

Sweet Moments commitment to creating deeply satisfying chocolate designs sustainability grew out of Kayem's realization that edible arts production is all too often associated with accordance of total quality management including but not limited to, the highest level of hygienic work environment.
Our handcrafted chocolates are free of preservatives and artificial flavors, it\s made purely from butter and cacao only. Our brand of chocolate is a “Belgium Callebaut” and meets all the international standards in terms of taste, health, and quality.
Available for both retail and wholesale customers.


Shaning the joy of a birth is an experience that menu families glady undertake with their mind at ease when workng with sweet moments from souvenir to sweets

Patisserie (on order)

Whatever your persuasions, we offer something to satisfy you. We invite you to uncover your senses and savor slowly to explore a moment of pure perfection. Help us widen the circle - share Sweet Moments with friends and customers, stop by to meet us and or we meet with you and sample our latest creations


Sweet Moments offers a variety of innovative handcrafted products, and accessories meant for several occasions i.e. Christmas, Easter, Baptism, Communion, Wedding, Engagement, Bachelorette parties, Newborn, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, and miscellaneous occasions.

Our line of products consist of but not limited to a variety of:

·    Chocolates
·    Cakes
·    Cookies
·    Marzipan
·    Maccaron
·    Twile dámande
·    Croquant
·    Marshmallows
·    Drops
·    Gift boxes/packs
·    Specialty items
·    Souvenirs
·    Candles

All the above mentioned products are available in different sizes/shapes/designs/materials and prices. And meant for various occasions whether it’s religious or non religious.

Our services consist of providing “tailored-made” handcrafted gifts/designs, based on our customer needs and feedbacks, starting from the concept to the end user delivery.